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We never forget our “firsts”.

First love. First friend in kindergarten. First friend in high school. First friend in college. First car. First time to drive a car. First boyfriend/girlfriend. First heartache. First blog. First kiss. First best friend. First everything.

There’s always a first time for everything and if you want to get to know someone real deep, just ask that person “When was the first time you….? What was your first…? Who was your first…..? Is this your first….?” and trust me, the conversation will just go on and on and on.

Like the very first time I went to Starbucks and ordered my first Starbucks coffee. When the barista asked for my name, I gave her my FULL NAME and I was even about to reach for an ID and she said there’s no need. I felt like a complete idiot but at least my coffee tasted good but I had to endure around 2 minutes of shame while waiting for my coffee. Well, I guess everyone has their own “My first time in Starbucks story.” I just hope yours is dumber.

“The first time I sang in the church choir; two hundred people changed their religion”. – Fred Allen