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Win a Personalized Bathtub Buzz Makeup Bag!!!

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Who doesn’t love giveaways?! With the holidays right around the corner, Tessa from Mama Smith’s Review Blog and Joyce from Women and Their Pretties wanted to do something special for all of the loyal readers. As part of the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide they are hosting the 12 Weeks of Giveaways. Now, what is this exactly? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like – for 12 weeks we will be giving away a prize a week.. EACH! If you are counting, that is 24 prizes. But guess what, it does not stop there! Over the course of the 12 weeks there will also be FLASH giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled.

You will find these giveaways shared across many blogs, thanks to a ton of AWESOME bloggers who agreed to co-host! Make sure you thank them!


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Bathtub Buzz Personalized Large Makeup Bag Giveaway


Starbucks Cyber Monday!

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Starbucks Dot Collection!

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Starbucks Store Online

Old Factory Candles Review and Giveaway!

I am a self-confessed coffee lover and candle lover. That is why testing this product is like hitting two birds with one stone! I was so excited when I received the candles. I specifically chose to order these scents mainly because I haven’t yet bought a candle with a coffee scent.




The packaging is really cute. The box and bottles are something you can reuse afterwards. One box comes with 3 candles, each with a different scent. The ones I received are Coffee Bean, Hazelnut and Chai Tea. They are collectively called as Coffee Shop. 🙂

These candles are hand-poured in the USA with natural soy wax, self-trimming wicks, and premium fragrance oils. According to the company, the candles burn clean and even for 20 hours. It has always been my preference to choose clean burning candles so that’s plus points for this product.

Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean



Chai Tea

Chai Tea


I have tested each and I’m now burning the Chai Tea while I’m writing this. I’ve noticed that they do burn clean. Because the candles are made from natural soy wax (produced from soy beans), they produce very little soot and they are less likely to trigger allergies than artificial waxes. The scents are spot on. The strongest scent out of these three is Hazelnut. It filled out the room with its scent right away when I lit it. The Coffee Bean scent smells like a mild scent of coffee. The most calming of them all is the Chai Tea.

These are candles that I would definitely buy. These candles are also perfect gift ideas. There’s a scent available for every room in your house. Old Factory offers the following scents:



The candles are available on Amazon through the link below:


And YOU, my dear reader, are lucky because you have a chance to win a candle set of your choice by joining the giveaway I’m hosting for Old Factory Candles. Please check out the rules before joining. No purchase necessary! Click the link below to join! 🙂

Old Factory Candles Giveaway!


Dot&Dot Slim Packing Cubes

If there’s one thing I would always love to do, it is to travel and explore the world. I would always take the chance to travel and I usually prefer to fly. That’s why I was so happy when I was given the chance to review this travel organizer because I would definitely use this product.


Number one on the list of essentials when I travel is to list everything that I need to bring and then depending on how long that list is, I will then decide what type of bag to use. Of course for long travels, a bigger luggage is a must especially when I travel out of the country. A lot of times I tend to stash last minute stuff that I happen to remember on the exact date of my flight and just put those things in between clothes or the sides or anywhere I can squeeze them in which is definitely easy to do but once you start to unpack or let’s say, you just need that one little thing and you can’t find it and you have to dig in and in doing so you just messed up all the contents of your bag. Traveling can be chaotic yes, but a little organizing once hurt. 🙂 The slim packing cubes I received has a mesh design so this is different from the organizers I have used before. This product is very ideal because you don’t have to open each little bag or organizer if you’re looking for a specific item because with its mesh design, you can easily see the contents of each organizer.

This is how it looks. I used one for all my electronic stuff (charger, cords, portable hard disk etc). Another one for my undergarments..another one for my meds and I was able to sneak in 2 bottles of my favorite spreads! See, these are described as slim but you can put a LOT of items inside. I also noticed that even if you’re not able to pack each organizer to its full capacity, it somehow adjusts to any free luggage space. I still have one packing cube to fill! I think my shoes will definitely fit inside that one. 🙂


The ones I received are color gray but they have a variety of colors to choose from depending on your personality. These cubes have a little handle at the top so you can also hang them or carry them. This product is also ideal organizer/bag for packed lunches, gym stuff organizer, car organizer or anything you can think of. 🙂

If you want to know more about this product, please visit SLIM PACKING CUBES – TRAVEL ORGANIZER.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Influenster Goodies!

I rarely join online contests so I was surprised when I won these goodies from Influenster a few weeks back. Just got these in the mail earlier today. I’m a happy asian! 🙂



TOMS Surprise Sale EXTENDED until October 20! (Promo ended)

SURPRISE!!! Sale extended and ends October 20! Still up to 45% off! Just click on the link below 🙂

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Back to Naptown.

Atlanta is a beautiful city. I wish I could stay longer as I didn’t have enough time to explore.

Right now, I have so many things I want to blog about and I just don’t know where to start! The highlight of my day though is the photo I took when we went to Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. I posted it on my Instagram account and Georgia Aquarium’s official Instagram account liked it, reposted my photo on their profile, and they told me, I am their #FINtasticFan of the week! Yay! That made me smile but I could be happier with a freebie or they could let me adopt a dolphin or something.

Here it is and that’s my brother looking up!




This is just one of their viewing areas. The aquarium itself is huge and even if there are so many people, you will never run out of places that will allow you to view and even touch our underwater friends. I just wasn’t able to explore the entire place because we were pressed for time but I can say that Georgia Aquarium is one place you shouldn’t miss for anyone who will visit Atlanta.

Sometimes I wish I am one of those famous bloggers who get paid for traveling and eating at different places. That would be great doing something I love and getting paid for it. Truth is, nothing can stop me from traveling and exploring whether I get paid or not. 🙂

Tickle Me Pink

I’m currently in Atlanta and have been busy the last few days just sleeping, exploring the city, eating and just feeling lucky that I was able to get out of Indy for a week.

So my last post was about Lyft/Uber. I tried Lyft on my way to the airport and since it’s my first time to ride a car that does not look like a taxi but is somewhat a taxi, I wanted to make sure I can identify the car right away that’s why Lyft was my first option mainly because of the pink mustache. I clicked the app, loaded my from and to destination and then it showed the picture of the driver and the car he is driving. I wanted to try another driver because he does not look friendly at all in his picture (I am guilty of judging a person’s look based on if they will harm me or not – I still have this trauma due to a previous horrible experience I had when I was mugged but that is a different story). But there was no other driver available at 3 in the morning so I trusted all my angels that I will be safe with this guy. I am paranoia personified. He showed up and was really nice and very talkative and jolly but the pink mustache is missing. So I asked him why he doesn’t have it infront of his car and he just said “That’s so gay!”. So just a warning, not all Lyft cars have the pink mustache infront.

It was a nice ride and Lyft gave me 10 free rides for a period of time with a maximum of $25 for each ride. In Indiana, Lyft only accepts donations so after the ride, the app will show the total amount. That ride is for $41.00. If I took a cab on my way to the airport, I would have ended up paying $80.00 and above. I only paid $16.00 for that ride plus the tip. Take note, you can get off the car and pay later. You have 24 hours to pay using your card. Otherwise, they will just deduct it from the card you have on file. You can also give a max of 5 stars for your driver and leave a feedback for him/her.

I am giving Lyft 4 oinks. I really wanted to identify the car right away especially since it’s in the wee hours of the morning. Plus, I also wanted to take a picture of the car with its mustache on.

Dear Lyft, I really love the pink mustache but I hope male drivers can choose a not-so-gay color.

Is neon green gay? Does anyone have a gay color chart?

Taxis & Potatoes

How about posting something on a lighter note? I guess I can do that just to get off my mind from any negativity and depressing things.

I am about to try Lyft or probably Uber next week. I’ve been driving around but sometimes there are times when you need someone to drive for you for a cheaper rate (to the airport, medical appointments, if you want to arrive at a party incognito or if you just don’t feel like driving at all). I have downloaded both apps and so far, Lyft’s selling point is that their drivers are more personal whereas Uber drivers are more on the professional/formal style. I don’t know but that’s just how they advertise it and also based on reviews, some people become really good friends with Lyft drivers. Maybe it’s the pink mustache?

I will see which of them is available around 3AM sometime next week and I will try the first one at close proximity to my house.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the chicken fries I bought the other day. It’s delish. I wish I bought more.



Because taxis and potatoes are so last year.