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Asian Haul 2!!!


So this is the continuing saga of my random trips to Asia Mart :p

Choco Mallows – This is my favorite! This is kinda like the Phillipine version of s’mores. This box has 6 choco mallows (biscuit topped with mallows and coated with chocolate). Really really good.

Knorr Cubes – I bought chicken and pork. These are very common add-ons to Filipino dishes to make chickens and pork even tastier.

Boiled Salted Duck Eggs – In the Philippines, we call this “itlog na pula” (red egg) or “itlog na maalat” (salty egg). They typically dye the shells red to distinguish it from fresh duck eggs. The ones sold here in the US are in boxes and are not dyed. So how do you eat this? Just break the shell and mix it with tomatoes and soy sauce or fish sauce. This is the best side dish for fried fish. It’s not as nasty as “balut”, trust me. What’s balut? Google it and thank the heavens you weren’t born a duck.

Yan Yan – My childhood favorite! This is a Japanese snack and it has bread sticks inside with a little cup full of chocolatey goodness for your dip.

That’s all for now. ‘Til next trip to Asia Mart! 🙂



Asian Haul!


One of the Asian dilemmas when you move to and live in a different country for good is finding a restaurant or supermarket where you can buy Asian food. For Filipinos like me, the first thing we google is the closest Filipino store/grocery. Why? Because no matter where we are, we still cook Filipino food and crave for Filipino chocolates/junk food. Not all Asian ingredients are available in a typical local market here so finding an Asian market where we can buy everything we need is like finding Mecca.

From top to bottom, my haul from Asia Mart are as follows: Magic Rabbit candy (my childhood favorite!), Pocky, SkyFlakes, Martin Purefoods Hotdogs (as good as Tender Juicy Hotdogs!), Pork Tocino, Star Margarine, and Reno Liver Spread.

More Asian haul next time!