How to be a Colts Fan (For Dummies Like Me)


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Coming from a “basketball” and “boxing” country, I had no idea what football is to Americans when I first came here in the US. Add to that, I’m not really a sports fanatic but I do love to watch basketball (not even NBA). I am just a local basketball fan/spectator in my home country so football was Greek and French combined to me.

It was a bit of a shock to me when I found out that my mom, who never knew sports existed when she was still in the Philippines, is now a baseball/football/NBA fan. She knows about all the teams and the players and really speaks the sports lingo after just a few years of being here. Okay, so I thought she naturally imbibed everything and I thought maybe that will happen to me too. Turns out, that isn’t true for everybody. After years of living here, I still don’t have any idea why baseball games take so very long to finish and why football is the unifying sport in most states.

They say, you just have to do a little bit of research, watch the news and watch the game all the time and soon, you’ll know how it’s played and you can choose the team you want to root for. I haven’t yet watched a live football game. I did try to watch it on TV but I can’t understand a single thing. Given that I’m from Indiana – it is naturalmente for me to watch and root for the Colts. And thank you God of football for blessing the Colts with the best color (speed blue and white) ever in football history.

So I came up with steps on how to be a Colts fan. I came up with this list because I think these are the things I need to do. I know some of you out there are like me but just don’t want to admit it. Read on!

Step 1

Move to Indiana. You can be a fan anywhere that’s true. But what’s the sense of living in the state of Timbuktu when you are rooting for a team in Angola. I may be wrong but long distance sports affair doesn’t work for everybody.

Step 2

Google them. Learn about their history. Why are they called the Colts? Per The Sports E-Cyclopedia, “A fan contest produced the Colts name reflecting the great tradition and proud history of horse breeding and racing in the Baltimore region. The original Colts disbanded after the 1950 season but the name was retained when a new Baltimore franchise began play in 1953. The Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984.” That also explains the horseshoe logo.

Step 3

Know the game. Whether you read about football or ask a football fan about it, either way is cool. Research or ask about the point of the game, how they score, flow of the game, and team composition. It doesn’t hurt to play NFL games in Xbox or Playstation or you can sign up for NFL’s Fantasy Football. It’s better to be stupid in the fantasy world than in the real world and that is true in so many levels.

Step 4

Get to know the players. Self-explanatory.

Step 5

If you have done the steps above and you realize you don’t like the Colts then stop here. Just because you live in Indiana doesn’t mean you have to like them. We all don’t have to try hard to become a fan. If you don’t like football or the Colts then that is perfectly fine. We don’t have to force ourselves to become a fan in order to fit in. Remember, that a true blue fan will always be a fan win or lose.

Step 6

Watch their game on TV. Better yet, watch them live. Watch the game at a sports bar. Watch the game with your friends. Watch with other football fans. Just don’t watch alone. No man is a football island. Just watch the game with people who are patient enough to explain what will happen in a football game. Like, you know, why they cancel the game because of a hurricane. I’m trying to be funny.

Step 7

Buy their jersey. By all means, buy it so you can wear it on your second football game, when you already know what’s going on and you already know who is your favorite player. I remember meeting someone years ago and he was wearing Peyton Manning’s jersey only to find out he doesn’t even know who Peyton Manning is. I mean, come on, it’s like wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt in Disney World and you don’t even know who Mickey Mouse is! Such disrespect to Minnie.

Step 8

If doing the above steps, doesn’t make you a Colts fan and you found out that you like another team then by all means call U-Haul and move out of Indiana. I’m just kidding. Sometimes, I’m not.

Remember, every fan of any sport started in the zero-knowledge-of-the-sport level (I am on that level) so it’s perfectly okay to admit you don’t know anything about football.

When I’m done with the steps above, I wish I can watch them live from the best ever seat that Lucas Oil Stadium has to offer. Santa, I’m talking to you.


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