Tickle Me Pink

I’m currently in Atlanta and have been busy the last few days just sleeping, exploring the city, eating and just feeling lucky that I was able to get out of Indy for a week.

So my last post was about Lyft/Uber. I tried Lyft on my way to the airport and since it’s my first time to ride a car that does not look like a taxi but is somewhat a taxi, I wanted to make sure I can identify the car right away that’s why Lyft was my first option mainly because of the pink mustache. I clicked the app, loaded my from and to destination and then it showed the picture of the driver and the car he is driving. I wanted to try another driver because he does not look friendly at all in his picture (I am guilty of judging a person’s look based on if they will harm me or not – I still have this trauma due to a previous horrible experience I had when I was mugged but that is a different story). But there was no other driver available at 3 in the morning so I trusted all my angels that I will be safe with this guy. I am paranoia personified. He showed up and was really nice and very talkative and jolly but the pink mustache is missing. So I asked him why he doesn’t have it infront of his car and he just said “That’s so gay!”. So just a warning, not all Lyft cars have the pink mustache infront.

It was a nice ride and Lyft gave me 10 free rides for a period of time with a maximum of $25 for each ride. In Indiana, Lyft only accepts donations so after the ride, the app will show the total amount. That ride is for $41.00. If I took a cab on my way to the airport, I would have ended up paying $80.00 and above. I only paid $16.00 for that ride plus the tip. Take note, you can get off the car and pay later. You have 24 hours to pay using your card. Otherwise, they will just deduct it from the card you have on file. You can also give a max of 5 stars for your driver and leave a feedback for him/her.

I am giving Lyft 4 oinks. I really wanted to identify the car right away especially since it’s in the wee hours of the morning. Plus, I also wanted to take a picture of the car with its mustache on.

Dear Lyft, I really love the pink mustache but I hope male drivers can choose a not-so-gay color.

Is neon green gay? Does anyone have a gay color chart?

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