Taxis & Potatoes

How about posting something on a lighter note? I guess I can do that just to get off my mind from any negativity and depressing things.

I am about to try Lyft or probably Uber next week. I’ve been driving around but sometimes there are times when you need someone to drive for you for a cheaper rate (to the airport, medical appointments, if you want to arrive at a party incognito or if you just don’t feel like driving at all). I have downloaded both apps and so far, Lyft’s selling point is that their drivers are more personal whereas Uber drivers are more on the professional/formal style. I don’t know but that’s just how they advertise it and also based on reviews, some people become really good friends with Lyft drivers. Maybe it’s the pink mustache?

I will see which of them is available around 3AM sometime next week and I will try the first one at close proximity to my house.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the chicken fries I bought the other day. It’s delish. I wish I bought more.



Because taxis and potatoes are so last year.

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