So here I am lying in my bed and trying to sleep. Suddenly, the thought of blogging again crossed my mind. AGAIN. Yes. The problem with me is that I get so excited when I start a new blog but then that enthusiasm just kinda fades out until I just end up getting so lazy to just even login to my online journal/blog? In doing that, I have created more than ten blogs! I had accounts with Live Journal, Blogger, Multiply, Tumblr etc. I can say that I have reached that point where you can label me as a “trying hard” and I won’t even hate you for it. Well, truth be told, I wanted to have followers of course. Because if you have followers, it only means you’re posting something that is so interesting which makes you a likable person. I still can’t comprehend how famous bloggers are able to do that. I mean, come on, they can just talk about the dust falling from their ceiling and people will still follow them and like their post and share it.

Is it about grammar? I guess no. I’ve seen famous bloggers who are not-so-perfect with their grammar and yet they have a million followers. Whhyyyy…. Is it about layout? No. I’ve seen a blogger whose page looks like a standard legal sized white paper and still had 700k followers. So what is it then?

I have tried it all… music blog, photo blog, travel blog.. But I just end up getting tired of posting. Now, I am trying again. The only difference is now I’m not gonna try for the sake of trying. I guess it’s better when you can just be yourself when you blog and not to think of other bloggers. No pressure this time on followers too. I mean, I can blog all my life and talk to myself for all I care.

I kid you yes.

“If you’re going to fall out of love with public approval, something interesting will happen: people will be deeply attracted to your work.”
― Jeff Goins


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