Mobile Love Affair


“So the heart of the problem is, smartphones have issues.” -Steve Jobs


So the iPhone 5 was unveiled a couple of days ago and today I got an email invite  from Apple and Best Buy so I can order online. But really, I have like a few more months left so I can upgrade my 4 to a 5 so I’ll just have to wait…wait for raves/rants regarding the new iPhone 5.

Come to think of it, the evolution of the phone is quite amazing. I’m an 80′s baby and I’ve seen them all. Rotary phones, cordless phones (you were considered well-off if you had one) – then the mobile thing hit us just like that. My first mobile phone was a bulky Motorola phone with a retractable antenna. It looks like four iPhone 4s stacked together and it was just the “in” thing. Then I opted for something slimmer so I opted for a Nokia 909. Believe me, it was considered slim in the 90s phone standards. My next phone was a Mitsubishi Trium Astral. I love it because it’s a gift from my brother and thought it was cooler than my first two phones even if in reality, it looks like a remote control.

Then the unbelievable of the unbelievable came true, a mobile phone without an antenna! Come on! Hahaha.. Yes, it’s true! That was my next phone – a Nokia 3210. It is still one of my favorite phones. It’s just so simple and so user-friendly. Quality is just topnotch. But then, I decided to settle for a smaller phone and bought a Nokia 8250. It’s selling point is the blue backlight feature. Smaller phone, smaller keypad. I wished I had a smaller thumb.

I had no plans of buying another phone but then I lost my Nokia 8250. It was in the bag that was snatched from me :( … Because I needed a phone and I love music so I wanted one with more ringtones. Lol. Next toy was a Sony Ericsson K700i. I loved it! More features and I can take pictures, videos and I’m no longer stuck with Nokia Snake games.

Next in line is a Motorola Razr V3 Pink. That was absolutely one of my favorites. So thin and cute. I love the color, screen is wide, keypad is cool, sound is clear and I was able to save a song. Yes. Not songs. That phone can only hold ONE freakin song.

I still decided to get another Motorola. The next one was  a Motorola V3x. Pretty much the same as the Razr but memory-wise, the V3x can hold more music. Maximum of 10 full songs. Seriously. That made me so happy because I can shuffle all 10 songs.

Now, my pre-iPhone phone is a Motorola Rokr. I considered the phone as my dream phone because of it’s memory and because it just looks so cool and it can hold tons of music! You wouldn’t know it’s a phone especially when it’s turned off or locked because the surface is just flat. No visible keypad. The screen is smaller but I was really after the music. I admit it kinda looks like your modern day stove top.

And then I had the 3GS and the 4 which I currently have. I don’t want to blog about its features because everybody knows what the iPhone is capable of and this blog is getting too lengthy and I’m tired of typing.

Five to ten years from now, I predict that the iPhone era will be considered as a Jurassic era. I wonder what’s the mobile technology gonna be like in 10 years? I hope it’s a phone that we no longer have to charge.

And I seriously hope that when I blog in the next ten years or so, I no longer have to type.


Location: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN (May 2011)

Camera: Canon Ixus

Food: Oatmeal cookies and lemonade!


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